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The Programme ‘Aquí la Tierra’ Promotes Our Non-Alcoholic Wine Today

The TVE programme, Aquí La Tierra, is broadcasting a report about our groundbreaking and visionary non-alcoholic wine project this evening. Their cameras filmed our molecular deconstruction plant, one of the largest and most advanced in the world. There are still prejudices about non-alcoholic wine in Spain, as opposed to other places such as the United States or Northern Europe. The first thing that the typical consumer will think is that when the alcohol is removed it is no longer wine, so it won’t have the same flavours or body. But when they taste it they are surprised. We cannot claim that it is exactly the same as alcoholic wine, as it is a different product, just like non-alcoholic beers or ciders. However, results from our regular consumer taste and insight panels are becoming more and more positive. We have even performed a test where we include it in some wine tastings and it turns out that many participants are unable to detect that it is a non-alcoholic wine. Its production process begins in our vineyard, where the TVE cameras also filmed. Don’t miss the programme that airs tonight at 8:30PM, so you can discover our healthy alternative for all those who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.