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Spherical Economy: More Than A Circular Concept

This is the title of the opinion article I wrote for El Economista that has just been published. I am very grateful for their contribution to spreading awareness of a topic that is so important these days. It is urgent that we stop navel-gazing and break away from the erroneous view that the environment can support anything. Entrepreneurs have an obligation to counteract the negative impact that our activity is having on the environment and to opt for business models that are more respectful of the environment. We need to be talking about sustainability, responsibility, recycling, efficiency… In short, a circular economy. But there is another concept that is better in my opinion. That is the term spherical economy, which also seeks to generate high value-added products using by-products. Our company did just this when we created the Esdor cosmetics line a decade ago, for example. We extract the antioxidant compound Eminol from grape waste, which has multiple benefits, for example for skin care. This is the future I want to leave for my grandchildren.