The Board of APD (Association for Management Progress) of Castilla y León has appointed me President, succeeding José Ignacio Nicolás Correa. This association, founded in 2014 and having 160 member companies, serves as a forum for entrepreneurs in the region to debate current issues, whether of economic or business nature.


I believe that meaningful and necessary work is being carried out to foster the region’s business network, and I want to develop it further and bring basic aspects of management such as digital transformation, labour relations, competitiveness or social and ethical commitment closer to managers and entrepreneurs. This way of promoting growth, cooperation and business development is just one step forward in the path for companies to increase their competitiveness and strength.


Although this association has international presence, with more than 3,600 member companies in 6 countries, I will strive to represent APD in this region from now on. I hope to be able to make these next few years as fruitful as possible for all those member companies, and a stimulus for others to join, so that they can contribute and learn and thus, with that joint effort, become more in quantity and better in quality.




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