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People are what matter the most

Yesterday at Bodega Carlos Moro, in La Rioja, we hosted the RNE’s (Spanish National Radio) cultural programme ‘El Ojo Crítico’ (The critical eye), hosted by the great journalist Alberto Martínez. As you know, I’m very much interested in culture and, at the company, we advocate it as much as we possibly can. Yesterday’s talk was especially pleasant for two reasons. On the one hand, because of the enriching nature of the talk; and on the other, because of the friends who accompanied us. It was a pleasure to have our beloved Andrés Pascual and his wife, Cristina Benito, back at home. I also got to learn about the fantastic work done by the Pepitas publishing house and discovered such interesting novels as ‘Lagunas’, by Sarah Hèpola. We talked about literature, chatted about wine and boasted of beautiful initiatives such as our ‘Literary Toast’. This is a literary competition in which we at Bodega Carlos Moro collaborate with the aim of combining culture, art, literature and wine. In addition, one of the categories of the competition is aimed at people with intellectual disabilities. Because I always say, loud and clear, that wine is important but life and people are even more so.