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Our First Charity Harvest

Today we held one of the most beautiful events in our history, beautiful for its originality and purpose and for the people involved. The Carlos Moro Foundation of Matarromera held its first Charity Harvest, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Valladolid. The team from the Honorary Division of women’s handball CD Aula de Valladolid made a lovely harvest, collecting 100 kilos of grapes for  charity. The proceeds will be used for collaboration with the project “Educate Through Senses”, from the nursery and primary school Lola Herrera de Tudela de Duero.

Initiatives such as this highlight the values of our Foundation, combining land, teamwork, commitment to the rural environment and supporting children. The Lola Herrera school presented their wonderful project to us and we were captivated by it, so we decided to participate and support it. Our Foundation has always tried to promote and support the creation of activities and programmes related to the personal, social, human and cultural development of people. We focus particularly on caring for our most precious resource, the land, in addition to providing aid to disadvantaged groups, research for improving health, protecting the environment and the promotion of entrepreneurship in rural environments. My congratulations and gratitude to the handball players from our city’s team.