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My most personal interview

Journalist Cristina Camel invited me to her show Vamos a Ver, broadcasted by our regional RTVCYL television channel, to present my latest book ‘Pasión por la tierra, pasión por la empresa’ (Passionate about the land, passionate about the business). What I didn’t know about was the tribute that the show’s team had prepared with the help of my communications department, of which I knew absolutely nothing. It had been produced very secretly. Taking advantage of my trip to the United States and Ecuador, the television crew went filming at the winery and interviewed those collaborators who have been working with me the longest. But they also filmed some of my closest friends and, best of all, managed to help my daughters to send me a message from Atlanta and Denmark, where they live. It was a pleasure to talk to Cristina Camel and to remember my time as a student, as a son, the time I spent in public administration, my facet as a father and grandfather… In short, it a deeply human and personal journey. Thank you very much to the whole team.