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Miguel Delibes, one of my favourite writers

There are a lot of things I admire about this Valladolid-born writer, but above all, his mental clarity, his honesty, and the love he felt for nature. Miguel Delibes had a special predilection for the Castilian countryside, an affection to which I relate deeply. In fact, one of his most autobiographical works is entitled ‘Mi vida al aire libre: Memorias deportivas de un hombre sedentario’ (My outdoor life: Sporting memories of a sedentary man). This book is the subject of the latest gathering of ‘Encuentro entre vino y literatura’ (Wine and Literature Gathering) that we have organized at our wineries, in collaboration with El Norte de Castilla and with two exceptional guests: Elisa and Adolfo Delibes. Thank you both for helping us discover Miguel Delibes the sportsman, an intelligent and, above all, human man on the centenary of his birth.