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The Association of Engineers of Valladolid has named me Honorary Member in the II IngenierosVA Awards in recognition of my career and trajectory in innovation and development in the region through the company I founded 30 years ago, which today is Familiares Matarromera Winery.


Javier Escribano, the Dean of the Association, gave me the gold badge, which I will wear with pride from now on. I am very grateful both to Javier and to all the Deanery who have kindly considered me worthy of this badge.


For me, as an engineer, person, president and founder of Familiares Matarromera Winery, it is an honour to receive this distinction from the Association of Engineers of Valladolid, being the largest group in our region that brings together technology, innovation, business and constant evolution.


I’ve always wanted to be an engineer. When the time came, I first studied General Engineering in Valladolid and, following the family tradition, I later began my specialisation in Agronomy, training that I was able to develop professionally during the seven years that I worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and then in the FAO. Once I started my own company, there were many engineering works and projects across all areas of interest that I have had the opportunity to carry out.


It represents not only an honour for me but also a stimulus to my commitment and dedication to innovation, research and the economic and social development of this environment.

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