Miguel Delibes, one of my favourite writers

There are a lot of things I admire about this Valladolid-born writer, but above all, his mental clarity, his honesty, and the love he felt for nature. Miguel Delibes had a special predilection for the Castilian countryside, an affection to which I relate deeply. In fact, one of his most autobiographical works is entitled ‘Mi vida al aire libre: Memorias deportivas de un hombre sedentario’ (My outdoor life: Sporting memories of a sedentary man). This book is the subject of the latest gathering of ‘Encuentro entre vino y literatura’ (Wine and Literature Gathering) that we have organized at our wineries, in collaboration with El Norte de Castilla and with two exceptional guests: Elisa and Adolfo Delibes. Thank you both for helping us discover Miguel Delibes the sportsman, an intelligent and, above all, human man on the centenary of his birth.

How to succeed in 2019

The magazine Castilla y León Económica invited me to participate at the ‘8 ideas para triunfar en 2019’ (8 ideas to succeed in 2019) Conference, which was held on 7th February at Auditorio II, Feria de Valladolid.


I had the honour to talk about our experience with marketing and social networks, which in my opinion are a fundamental axis in business success in the 21st century. The consumer role and how to approach the elaboration, design, creation and sales of a product were some of the ideas that I brought to the table, as well as market segmentation and how to adapt nowadays products to the tastes and needs of the consumer, who we should always be the center of our attention.

The best of Madrid’s gastronomy

Work, enthusiasm, perseverance and team spirit. These are the keys to success that Aurelio Morales, chef at Restaurante Cebo, shared with me after he received the recognition as Restaurant of the Year, awarded every year by the Metrópoli magazine from El Mundo daily newspaper. We, at Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, support this event which showcases the best of Madrid’s gastronomy. I was fortunate enough to present this award to Morales, with whom I agree on the ingredients for achieving success: Work, enthusiasm, perseverance, and team spirit; and I would add PASSION.

My most personal interview

Journalist Cristina Camel invited me to her show Vamos a Ver, broadcasted by our regional RTVCYL television channel, to present my latest book ‘Pasión por la tierra, pasión por la empresa’ (Passionate about the land, passionate about the business). What I didn’t know about was the tribute that the show’s team had prepared with the help of my communications department, of which I knew absolutely nothing. It had been produced very secretly. Taking advantage of my trip to the United States and Ecuador, the television crew went filming at the winery and interviewed those collaborators who have been working with me the longest. But they also filmed some of my closest friends and, best of all, managed to help my daughters to send me a message from Atlanta and Denmark, where they live. It was a pleasure to talk to Cristina Camel and to remember my time as a student, as a son, the time I spent in public administration, my facet as a father and grandfather… In short, it a deeply human and personal journey. Thank you very much to the whole team.

We are determined to foster rural entrepreneurship throughout Spain

I have the honour to announce that at the Carlos Moro Foundation of Matarromera we will foster rural entrepreneurship throughout the country and extend the coverage of the EMPRENDECYL AWARDS to all towns in Spain. There is nothing more gratifying for our Foundation than being able to promote entrepreneurship projects with which we share values and principles such as innovation, job creation, and social responsibility. There is a common denominator that brings me and the winners and participants of this competition together, and that is the commitment to innovation as a tool for economic and social development, which must be engrained in our DNA and have a prominent role in our companies at all times.