On 21 and 22 January 2019, a delegation from the Spanish Wine Federation, including Miguel Torres (President of Familia Torres and of the FEV) and Carlos Moro (President of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera and SINALCOHOL), travelled to Brussels to meet Commissioner Phil Hogan.


During the meeting, which took place at the European Parliament, support was requested on key issues for the Spanish wine sector, such as the CAP reform, labelling regulations, the harmonisation of sectorial support programmes, and matters concerning dealcoholised and partially dealcoholised wines.


The delegation included Miguel Torres (President of FEV and Torres Winery), José Luis Benítez (General Manager of FEV), Mauricio González Gordon (González Byass); Antón Fonseca (Terras Gauda Winery), Carlos Moro (Familiares Matarromera Winery), Ruth Chocarro (Pernod Ricard Winery), Adela Lario (Osborne Group), and Ignacio Sánchez Recarte (Secretary General of CEEV, Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins).


The Association of Engineers of Valladolid has named me Honorary Member in the II IngenierosVA Awards in recognition of my career and trajectory in innovation and development in the region through the company I founded 30 years ago, which today is Familiares Matarromera Winery.


Javier Escribano, the Dean of the Association, gave me the gold badge, which I will wear with pride from now on. I am very grateful both to Javier and to all the Deanery who have kindly considered me worthy of this badge.


For me, as an engineer, person, president and founder of Familiares Matarromera Winery, it is an honour to receive this distinction from the Association of Engineers of Valladolid, being the largest group in our region that brings together technology, innovation, business and constant evolution.


I’ve always wanted to be an engineer. When the time came, I first studied General Engineering in Valladolid and, following the family tradition, I later began my specialisation in Agronomy, training that I was able to develop professionally during the seven years that I worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and then in the FAO. Once I started my own company, there were many engineering works and projects across all areas of interest that I have had the opportunity to carry out.


It represents not only an honour for me but also a stimulus to my commitment and dedication to innovation, research and the economic and social development of this environment.


I have been honoured with the Spanish National Innovation Prize in the Innovative Trajectory category from the hands of King Felipe VI. These award is given by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and is one of the most important awards in this field. It is an immense honour for me, as I consider it to be a recognition to the efforts made by all of us, the small and medium-sized companies that decide to bet on Development, Innovation, and Research.


Some of the factors that have led me to receive this award are the introduction of processes and the creation of innovative products, using R&D as the strategic key to the competitiveness of a company such as Familiares Matarromera Winery and, in short, my whole career, which is closely linked and committed to innovation, since without it, I could not understand the evolution of people, companies, and the society as a whole.


I take this opportunity to congratulate the other winners of this edition: The Galician Agency for Innovation (GAIN) and Cosentino in the categories of ‘Innovative Public Procurement’ and ‘Internationalisation,’ respectively.


The Board of APD (Association for Management Progress) of Castilla y León has appointed me President, succeeding José Ignacio Nicolás Correa. This association, founded in 2014 and having 160 member companies, serves as a forum for entrepreneurs in the region to debate current issues, whether of economic or business nature.


I believe that meaningful and necessary work is being carried out to foster the region’s business network, and I want to develop it further and bring basic aspects of management such as digital transformation, labour relations, competitiveness or social and ethical commitment closer to managers and entrepreneurs. This way of promoting growth, cooperation and business development is just one step forward in the path for companies to increase their competitiveness and strength.


Although this association has international presence, with more than 3,600 member companies in 6 countries, I will strive to represent APD in this region from now on. I hope to be able to make these next few years as fruitful as possible for all those member companies, and a stimulus for others to join, so that they can contribute and learn and thus, with that joint effort, become more in quantity and better in quality.





I have the honour and pleasure of welcoming the orchestral conductor Inma Shara to my home in Olivares de Duero, at Renacimiento Winery. Apart from being in love with music, I admire her professionalism, dedication and proven commitment to conducting the best orchestras in the world, having an international projection and succeeding in instilling the world, to the same beat, with music and rhythm, with body and soul, under a Spanish label.


It is for this reason that I took the opportunity to present her with the Matarromera Gold Badge, since she is one of the most brilliant orchestra conductors in Spain. She also serves as an example for how directing high-performance professionals, managing teams and exercising leadership is an exciting challenge that must be carried out with humility, generosity, and by listening to the needs of others


We started awarding this badge two years ago with the goal of highlighting the personal values, the level of the company and the work ethic and professional merits of different personalities from the business, political, gastronomic or cultural scene who perform a remarkable job and show excellence in the development of this country.