Interview for La Rioja on TVE

I like to take advantage of the summer, when the pace is supposed to be calmer, to make progress on and to deal with very important issues. Being aware of this, my Communication team proposed a trip to La Rioja a few days ago in order to meet with the regional news services TVE. I can always find a good reason to visit San Vicente de la Sonsierra. And this is not just my personal opinion. Wine tourism is growing unstoppably in this area, more than expected. For me, wine tourism as a concept incorporates many different elements of tourism, such as gastronomy, art, culture, heritage, vineyards… Along these lines, as I already mentioned in another entry on this blog, at Bodega Carlos Moro we have set up a sculpture exhibition to enrich visits to our wineries. But in addition to wine tourism, in the interview we also talked about other important issues for wineries, such as export to the United Kingdom and its possible exit from the European Union. There is also another topic of the utmost importance to us that is covered in the report, which is non-alcoholic wine. I invite you to listen to the full interview.

Spherical Economy: More Than A Circular Concept

This is the title of the opinion article I wrote for El Economista that has just been published. I am very grateful for their contribution to spreading awareness of a topic that is so important these days. It is urgent that we stop navel-gazing and break away from the erroneous view that the environment can support anything. Entrepreneurs have an obligation to counteract the negative impact that our activity is having on the environment and to opt for business models that are more respectful of the environment. We need to be talking about sustainability, responsibility, recycling, efficiency… In short, a circular economy. But there is another concept that is better in my opinion. That is the term spherical economy, which also seeks to generate high value-added products using by-products. Our company did just this when we created the Esdor cosmetics line a decade ago, for example. We extract the antioxidant compound Eminol from grape waste, which has multiple benefits, for example for skin care. This is the future I want to leave for my grandchildren.

The Matarromera Family Continues to Grow

I am happy to share with you the exciting news that the Matarromera family is expanding. On this occasion, the company that I govern has decided to strengthen its presence in the beautiful community of Galicia. Beautiful because of its landscapes, demonstrated by this photo taken just a few days ago. Beautiful because of its rich culture and gastronomy that define its character and for the millions of tourists that visit every year. And beautiful, above all, because of its people. This very morning I signed the acquisition of a winery located in the municipality of Castrelo de Miño, in Ourense, on the banks of the Miño River. Casar de Vide is the name chosen by the company for this exciting project, which responds to our desire to seek new horizons for producing unique wines for the most distinctive brands in our country. Our main objective in these lands is opting for to the production of white wines using local grapes. Grapes that stand out for their elegance and subtlety, that transmit freshness and delicacy and that contribute to the increasing fame and international recognition of the Designation of Origin.

I join LG’s challenge to reforest Spain

My sincere congratulations to the LG team and their initiative #UnaPersonaUnÁrbol, (one person, one tree) through which, as well as raising awareness as to the need to take care of the planet and the importance of responsible consumption, they undertake to plant a tree for each person who participates in this project. I didn’t hesitate for a second to join in. Commitment to the planet is part of my lifestyle, and it is a philosophy that I have passed on to my company since its inception, and to all of us who are a part of it. I encourage you all to join this challenge whose goal is to plant 47 million trees. There is an urgent need to raise awareness as to the importance of forest repopulation as a shield to reduce the effect of CO2 emissions, the gas that causes climate change.

People are what matter the most

Yesterday at Bodega Carlos Moro, in La Rioja, we hosted the RNE’s (Spanish National Radio) cultural programme ‘El Ojo Crítico’ (The critical eye), hosted by the great journalist Alberto Martínez. As you know, I’m very much interested in culture and, at the company, we advocate it as much as we possibly can. Yesterday’s talk was especially pleasant for two reasons. On the one hand, because of the enriching nature of the talk; and on the other, because of the friends who accompanied us. It was a pleasure to have our beloved Andrés Pascual and his wife, Cristina Benito, back at home. I also got to learn about the fantastic work done by the Pepitas publishing house and discovered such interesting novels as ‘Lagunas’, by Sarah Hèpola. We talked about literature, chatted about wine and boasted of beautiful initiatives such as our ‘Literary Toast’. This is a literary competition in which we at Bodega Carlos Moro collaborate with the aim of combining culture, art, literature and wine. In addition, one of the categories of the competition is aimed at people with intellectual disabilities. Because I always say, loud and clear, that wine is important but life and people are even more so.