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The Matarromera Family Continues to Grow

I am happy to share with you the exciting news that the Matarromera family is expanding. On this occasion, the company that I govern has decided to strengthen its presence in the beautiful community of Galicia. Beautiful because of its landscapes, demonstrated by this photo taken just a few days ago. Beautiful because of its rich culture and gastronomy that define its character and for the millions of tourists that visit every year. And beautiful, above all, because of its people. This very morning I signed the acquisition of a winery located in the municipality of Castrelo de Miño, in Ourense, on the banks of the Miño River. Casar de Vide is the name chosen by the company for this exciting project, which responds to our desire to seek new horizons for producing unique wines for the most distinctive brands in our country. Our main objective in these lands is opting for to the production of white wines using local grapes. Grapes that stand out for their elegance and subtlety, that transmit freshness and delicacy and that contribute to the increasing fame and international recognition of the Designation of Origin.