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Our Fight Against Climate Change

The evolution of data on CO2 emissions, as well as the quality of the air we breathe, has made it possible for the scientific community (not without controversy) to conclude that climate change is now a reality. Climate change is irreversible. The consequences for human health and the biosphere itself can be devastating. Efforts on the part of the business world to come up with projects to fight against the planet’s rising temperatures are quite necessary. People are now starting to become aware, but we had already introduced this concept in our company in the early 90s. Back then we were already concerned about energy consumption and began to apply renewable energies. We were the first to install stand-alone photovoltaic production systems; the first calculation of the carbon footprint produced by a product in Spain was one of our wines… But most importantly, this philosophy is not a marketing ploy, we really believe in it, and we made this clear at the 18th Empresa Familiar Forum, which was held last week in Andorra and focused on climate change. There we had the opportunity to present some of the measures from our Matarromera Sustainable on Planet Earth Plan, Deadline 2030. By then our energy consumption will be 100% from renewable sources; we will have managed to minimise our carbon footprint by 30%; we will have obtained the Zero Waste certification, or the use of paper will have been reduced by more than 40%. Quantitative measures to tackle an already irreversible problem.