I have the honour and pleasure of welcoming the orchestral conductor Inma Shara to my home in Olivares de Duero, at Renacimiento Winery. Apart from being in love with music, I admire her professionalism, dedication and proven commitment to conducting the best orchestras in the world, having an international projection and succeeding in instilling the world, to the same beat, with music and rhythm, with body and soul, under a Spanish label.


It is for this reason that I took the opportunity to present her with the Matarromera Gold Badge, since she is one of the most brilliant orchestra conductors in Spain. She also serves as an example for how directing high-performance professionals, managing teams and exercising leadership is an exciting challenge that must be carried out with humility, generosity, and by listening to the needs of others


We started awarding this badge two years ago with the goal of highlighting the personal values, the level of the company and the work ethic and professional merits of different personalities from the business, political, gastronomic or cultural scene who perform a remarkable job and show excellence in the development of this country.

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