The Programme ‘Aquí la Tierra’ Promotes Our Non-Alcoholic Wine Today

The TVE programme, Aquí La Tierra, is broadcasting a report about our groundbreaking and visionary non-alcoholic wine project this evening. Their cameras filmed our molecular deconstruction plant, one of the largest and most advanced in the world. There are still prejudices about non-alcoholic wine in Spain, as opposed to other places such as the United States or Northern Europe. The first thing that the typical consumer will think is that when the alcohol is removed it is no longer wine, so it won’t have the same flavours or body. But when they taste it they are surprised. We cannot claim that it is exactly the same as alcoholic wine, as it is a different product, just like non-alcoholic beers or ciders. However, results from our regular consumer taste and insight panels are becoming more and more positive. We have even performed a test where we include it in some wine tastings and it turns out that many participants are unable to detect that it is a non-alcoholic wine. Its production process begins in our vineyard, where the TVE cameras also filmed. Don’t miss the programme that airs tonight at 8:30PM, so you can discover our healthy alternative for all those who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.


Our First Charity Harvest

Today we held one of the most beautiful events in our history, beautiful for its originality and purpose and for the people involved. The Carlos Moro Foundation of Matarromera held its first Charity Harvest, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Valladolid. The team from the Honorary Division of women’s handball CD Aula de Valladolid made a lovely harvest, collecting 100 kilos of grapes for  charity. The proceeds will be used for collaboration with the project “Educate Through Senses”, from the nursery and primary school Lola Herrera de Tudela de Duero.

Initiatives such as this highlight the values of our Foundation, combining land, teamwork, commitment to the rural environment and supporting children. The Lola Herrera school presented their wonderful project to us and we were captivated by it, so we decided to participate and support it. Our Foundation has always tried to promote and support the creation of activities and programmes related to the personal, social, human and cultural development of people. We focus particularly on caring for our most precious resource, the land, in addition to providing aid to disadvantaged groups, research for improving health, protecting the environment and the promotion of entrepreneurship in rural environments. My congratulations and gratitude to the handball players from our city’s team.



First Harvest at Casar De Vide

One of my principles in life is to enjoy what I do. I must say that this past weekend has been one of the most enjoyable of the year, so I felt I had to write about it. I have been lucky enough to share with my team the first harvest of the treixadura and albariño grapes, along with other varieties typical to the area, at the new Casar de Vide winery. This is the winery that we acquired last summer with the main objective of strengthening our presence in Galicia. I can confirm that the must that I’ve tasted is excellent, but the best thing is being able to rekindle the excitement of a new project, in an area that is still unknown to us, but that offers infinite possibilities from the point of view of oenology and business development.

Tim Atkin Tastes Our Wines

Today we had the honour of welcoming Tim Atkin to Ribera del Duero. He is a British Master of Wine and an award-winning wine journalist, broadcaster and commentator. He is one of the greatest wine promoters in the world today. He is a great connoisseur of our wines but I had not tasted with him before today, he had always tasted with someone from my team. Now I can see why he has been so successful. It was impressive to see him go into every detail. It did remind me of being a student and taking exams, but it was a real opportunity for enrichment. We greeted him at Bodega Renacimiento, in Olivares de Duero. Of all the creations of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, Renacimiento is undoubtedly the most personal. It is also the most familiar to me because it is where a part of my family began, when it was acquired from the Jesuits over 200 years ago along with several of the best vineyards in the area. I lived in this house with my parents during the last years of their lives and now I spend much of the year here with my wife. The resulting wine is called Rento, an acronym for Renacimiento (Rebirth).

An Excellent Place To Visit In Zurich

This is what the impressive Bodega Carlos Moro wine cellar looks like in the dining room of one of the best restaurants in the city of Zurich. This is the latest project launched by our importer in the country, which will shortly be inaugurated under the name Restaurante Iberia. We are very grateful that they thought of our home for decorating an entire wall with a little bit of San Vicente de la Sonsierra in La Rioja. It is a pleasure to travel around Europe and see the affection and respect everyone has for our wines and our brands. Its commitment to gourmet products makes this restaurant an essential place to visit. It is also located on the well-known Albisriederplatz. We wish you the best of success my friend!